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Baby’s day out

by Gellan Walid
Baby's day out

Baby’s day out

The film was filmed on a child’s day abroad in 1994, where this film revolves around a baby named ‘Pink’, a baby boy not older than his age, living in a large mansion with his wealthy parents and claiming their names ‘Cantwell and Bing’ and the nanny who takes care of him called ‘Jill’ The parents decided to show their little one to the community through the pages of newspapers and magazines, but unfortunately, they were shown three people pretending to be photographers of the newspaper in question, Eddie, Fico, and Norby.

From here we’ll talk about the details of a child’s day out in a fun and engaging way:

The child liked to sleep on the sound of his nanny as she read his favorite story ‘Bobo’, so she did not want to change the story and the child shouted and said ‘Bobo’ and said, “Good.

The nanny began to tell the story: the family was having breakfast and then they walked down the corner where they boarded a big blue bus, and they were on their way to the big city and the baby ‘Bo’ was happy because it was his first trip with his nanny away from his parents.

The mother and father were talking to the mother and father on the iftar trip about their child’s portrayal of the city’s children because the baby Pink was about to turn on a year and was not known.

Three professional thieves kidnapped the real photographers and disguised themselves as newspaper photographers and went to the place of baby Pink.

The nanny, who assisted the mother, prepared the child for the filming.

The thieves arrived at the child’s house and ‘Eddie’ knocked on the door and opened the server ‘Andraos’ and said to him ‘Eddie’ I am Mr. Charlie, the photographer of the children entirely at your service and you are waiting for us, they came in waiting for the child.

The child’s family entered it and when the thieves saw him, they said, “What a wonderful child!! Eddie then grabbed the baby and told his friend Norby, Mr. Francis, to go to the car and get me the light meter.

The mother asked them for a selfie of the child alone and then a group photo of them, which appears forever in newspapers and magazines.

Eddie replied, telling her: He’ll be very famous shortly. But can I take some time with the baby alone? I want his full attention because your presence attracts his attention and hinders his portrayal. I need to study his brilliant features to see what’s the best way to shoot it. “Your dress is very gorgeous and the colors are bright, I think it will dominate the image and reduce your natural beauty.”

The”mother said to him, “I know these clothes are wrong.

Eddie replied: Take your time.

The ‘nanny’ told them: If the child was angry read this book to him.

Eddie replied: How precious! Thanks.

When they left them, they took the child and ran away with him in the photography cart, and in the middle of the road they left the camera cart and rode their cart, and when the mother returned to the photographers, she could not find them and did not find her child, and she said with sadness: “Where is ‘Pink’?! I found a note that says, “We have your child, you don’t call the police.

When the thieves arrived at their house, they changed the baby’s clothes and gave him Barbie’s bride to sleep with her, but to no avail, Norby sang to him and he did not sleep yet, and then read him the story of Bobo and slept “Norby” instead.

At the child’s home, Pink, the family reported the police and removed the fingerprints.

They were surprised by Eddie and Fico that the child left the room and went behind the dove on the roof, but Norby was asleep and they woke him up to follow the baby.

So, the child went to the front building to play with the dove and then go down through the elevator to the street and began the adventure and the suffering of the thieves with him, so the child began to realize the story of ‘Bo’.

First, baby Pink rode the big blue bus as told by the story.

Second: The child ‘Pink’ entered the Baby Setter building.

Third: Then he went out and rode a yellow car as reported, then went down in front of the zoo and entered it, and sat with a gorilla in the house of monkeys, all this as they tried to catch him but to no avail.

Fourth: He went out of the zoo to the park, and here they became exhausted because of him until they caught him but escaped from them again.

Fifth: The child ‘Pink’ went to an industrial city under construction, and here he completed his adventure with the thieves until they almost died because of him, so the child kept laughing with them.

The child’s family came to tell them that there was a report of a man looking for a child on the blue bus. And a missing child in the children’s care center. And another at the zoo. Also, in the city park a little while ago, here’s the ‘nanny’ interrupted the conversation saying: Then in a building under construction!! He does everything with the book. I know so, where is he? He is currently in Mr. “Tinzel’s” house.

Indeed, the family and the police moved to this man’s house, and he actually found him in the middle of them singing to him, and his mother took him with joy and returned him safely.

On the way, the child started screaming because he wanted the book ‘Bobo’ and he was with the thieves so they went and arrested them taking the book from them, and indeed the mother took it and gave it to her child and he rejoiced.

“That’s the end of the story,” she told him.

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