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Alone at home

by Gellan Walid
Alone at home

alone at home

Shot alone at home in 1990, a comedy about an eight-year-old boy named Kevin living with his family of six, Kate, Peter, Buzz, Lenny, Jeff, Leslie, Frank, the old man named Marley, and the airport staff, Rose, Larry, and Mark’ Harry.

The film talks about Kevin’s desire to disappear from his family and his desire when he fell asleep the next morning and found no one, they accidentally left him at home when they went to Paris for Christmas.

Kevin had learned from his brotherBaz about an old man named Marley who had previously committed crimes, who had killed his family with a shovel and since then he has been living in the same city as his family.

Kevin rejoiced when he found himself alone at home and started his adventures, so he went down the store and if something scary imagined he fled out of the place and continued to enjoy his day in front of the TV eating and drinking and playing until the sight of a scary sight so he closed it screaming mama.

On the other hand, we see mother Kate telling Peter’s dad I’m uneasy and I feel like we’ve forgotten something at home.

The father replied: No, you just feel it because we were hasty.

The mother then panicked, saying, “We have forgotten ‘Kevin’.

And then he informed the plane to make an attempt to return, and after several attempts by the captain to make calls and found the phones out of service, AuntLeslie said to reassure them that we will call him when we arrive, he is fine.

alone at home

There were two thieves following the city, and when they felt there was no one there, they decided to rob a house, and unfortunately, their first target was Kevin’s house.

When “Kevin” was asleep in front of the TV watching a cartoon, he felt a strange move next to his house and if two men trying to enter the house from the basement went to turn on the lights of the whole house, when they saw the lights they fled.

At the time, the mother at the airport waited for an empty seat to return home to check on her child, but to no avail, due to new year celebrations, all seats are reserved.

On the second day of the single-child stay at home. Harry and Marv broke into the house but were surprised to find the child trying to catch him, but to no avail.

The smart “Kevin” made many plots to ruin their plan and keep his house. By pouring Boya on the stairs outside and inside the house, until they were hindered from getting home, and when they managed to get into the house, they found him plotting another prank.

When “Harry” entered through the main door of the house, his head collided with a small fire pipe and exploded with it and he started screaming in pain and heading outside to dip his head in ice. He tried to enter again into the house angry and promised to kill the child ‘Kevin’ and if he meets his face with a bag with an adhesive. He pulled it with difficulty and exploded with his face a large number of ostrich feathers disappeared and his clothes were contaminated.

When”Marv” succeeded in breaking into the house through the basement he grabbed a rope to be based after his feet were stained with boya as he climbed the ladder, and if he was surprised by the fall of iron on his face he shouted pain and promised him, and then he entered again into the house through a window overlooking the hall, did not see what did the little under his foot and if he declares the intensity of pain because touching his foot with some small games pointed.

When they met the Chinese together in the middle of the house, they marveled at each other’s views, and they promised to kill him when they heard a voice calling me here, you fool.

So, they went after him, and if the pranks follow one prank after another until they drained their energy. He called the police to them and came at the right time and was rescued by ‘Marley’ the old man who took him home with him until they were arrested and returned home safely.

On Christmas Eve, his family came, so he was very happy with their presence and promised that he would not bother any of them again. They celebrated Christmas Eve, celebrating the courage of baby “Kevin” and what he did to get rid of the thieves and keep their house.

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